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1) Euro pp in double/twin room

The above-mentioned prices include:
•    Return Transfers from the airport to the hotel in Aidipsos Evia
•    4 overnights at the hotel Thermae Sylla Spa 5* on HB basis
•    Welcome drink upon arrival to the hotel
•    Medical consultation and supervision during spa opening hours
•    Use of the indoor swimming pool (100% medicinal water at 30-32ºC) and the outdoor swimming pool (50% medicinal water
  -50% sea water at 28-30ºC), both equipped with Jacuzzi, wild water rapid, air bubbles, bel high jet and whirlpool.
•    Free participation in Aqua Gym
•    Use of fully-equipped gym.
•    Bathrobes and slippers in the room.
•    Afternoon turn-down housekeeping service daily.
•    Free parking
•    Free Wi-Fi
•    Return Ferry tickets  Arkitsa-Aidipsos-Arkitsa

•    All transfers are with private air conditioned car/taxi
•    In case customers arrive/depart at/from the Athens’ airport before 6 am or after 12 pm, the charge for the transfer will be affected accordingly and the itinerary will change.

Detailed Itinerary

The Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel, situated at the spa of Aedepsus on the Island of Euboea, Greece, is a majestic neoclassical building dating from 1897.The thermal curative waters of Aedepsus have been known ever since an era preceding the 4th Century BC according to the descriptions of ancient Greek philosophers, like Aristotle, Strabo and Plutarch, not to mention Hippocrates, the father of scientific medicine, who was the first to introduce hydrotherapy as a method of curing several diseases in the mid 5th Century BC.

Ever since then, Aedepsus has experienced periods of rise and decline, reaching the peak of its glory during the epoch of Roman Empire’s rule, when Roman general Syllas visited this town and was cured of the uric arthritis disease he had been suffering from by emerging in its curative waters. The fame of Aedepsus was also great during the Belle Époque, when renowned Greek and foreign politicians, artists and tycoons, such as El. Venizelos, C. Palamas, M. Callas, Omar Sharif, Greta Garbo, Ar. Onasis and W. Churchill spent pleasant times of recreation, curative relaxation, rejuvenation and entertainment at the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel.   The therapeutic power of Aedepsus’s curative waters is of great interest due to the fact that they contain an abundance of metal salts and trace elements (32-45 gr. per litre) consisted mainly of iron, calcium and magnesium at water temperatures ranging from 70o to 85o Celsius as well as to the fact that they spring out from thermometal wells of a 3,000 meter depth.

The beneficial results of this spa’s waters have been observed clearly in rheumatologic, arthritic and kinetic diseases, chronic inflammations and general complaints of the musculoskeletal system as well as in gynaecologic diseases.

Today, having been fully renovated and combining modern technologies in terms of curative balneo-laspotherapy, the 5-star Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel provides its guests with curative water of excellent quality both by its own water springs and the other springs of Aedepsus in a friendly luxurious environment priding traditional and modern pioneering application methods catering for every age throughout the year. This hotel is a “cure palace” equipped with a carefully-designed spa and medical wellness facilities combined with high standard services.

This precious therapeutic water, the beauty recipes made from herbs that have been applied here since antiquity and the modern therapy techniques applied at the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel will help one regain one’s vigour and liveliness.

Special programmes aiming at the care of both the body and the face as well as meeting every guest’s needs for relaxation, hydration, tightening and stress removal for both men and women are worked out in conjunction with medical doctors.

Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel’s philosophy, in the context of which a natural healthy diet plays a significant role, lies in the accomplishment of the ideal equilibrium of mind, body and spirit. Our aim is to serve healthy food enriched by home-made flavours that will excite you as emphasis is given mainly on the quality of the ingredients that we use because food plays an important role in acquiring rejuvenation, which comes from the fact that we use fresh raw materials exclusively. Virgin olive oil produced in our estate under ecologically-congenial conditions is the basis of our cuisine, which is the reason why the

Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel has been classified, quite reasonably for several times the past few years among the 10 best Medical Thermal & Natural Spas according to the Readers Spa Awards  by the Conde Nast Traveller England organisation and has been chosen as the best Spa in Greece by the Visitors of Philoxenia international fair of Thessaloniki, Greece, for the third time in a raw. For the year 2012, we are really proud to announce that Trip Advisor the World’s Largest Website appointed Thermae Sylla SPA as the winner of the category «Top Relaxation and SPA Hotels in Greece» in 2012 Traveler’s choice Hotel Awards.

     According to specialised medical doctors’ view about the overall results of rejuvenation, relaxation, recreation and therapy it provides, an effective stay at the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel should last from 15 to 21 days twice a year if this is possible.Therefore, the healing ingredients of thermal water at the Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel are the ones that make the difference since…spa means an area flown across by therapeutic waters.

1850 m2 in two floors with possibility to serve 1000 per day.
On the ground floor there is the interior pool with thermal water of constant flow at 32º C, (not on re- circulation), which communicates with the external pool with mixed water (thermal and sea water) at 28-30º C, of constant flow as well.

Both pools are equipped with hydro- massage instruments, Jacuzzi, wild water rapid, air bubbled, bell high jets, whirlpool.

Treatments are based on thermal water, with or without massage, and water ejected under the surface.This therapy is one of the oldest known methods to man and is based on the perfect physico-chemical ingredients of the thermal water. It helps cure diseases of the myosceletic system and at the same time treats and relaxes the whole body.

Mud therapy - Mud bath
Mud bath with the mixture of rich metal elements suitably prepared and natured in combination with the thermal water of Thermae Sylla Spa used either tubs, according to individual need.This theurapeutic mud is used for the reduction of the rheumatic and arthritis pain. It is a genuine balsam.

Inhalation of ionized water steam, in addition to eucalyptus extract, chamomile and mint etc. Recommended for ear, nose, throat problems, ideal for smokers. Prevention for those who live in the big modern cities and suffer from the effects of pollution of the environment.

Soft pack system
A full body skin care with relaxation effect for body wraps with algae, fruit, cream-oil, milk-oil, peloid.

Steam baths
Farmer (Rural herbal steam bath from the Alpine Region)
Stone bath (a fiery elemental force, now newly rediscovered)
Oriental Rasul (a stimulating ceremony of oriental beauty care)
Kraxenstore (localized heat with great fragrance of French hay, herbs etc.)

Therapies using the natural healing force of the sea water, salt & algae treatments are the main elements of thalassotherapy.

The technique of using produced from flowers, leaves, roots and fruits.

Classic, Relaxing, Slimming, Shiatsu, Lomi-lomi, Pantai Luar, Reflexology, Watsu, Energetic, Ayuverda

Physiotherapy gymnasium

Facial Treatments
Beauty treatments with thermal water for immediate glow, hydration, tightening, cleansing, and wrinkle therapy

A warming room for relaxation or revitalization with temperatures 30-40oC, and its ergonomically shaped.
The guests can select either of our complete programs of 1 to 14 days, or to fix the program that best suits their needs, with the help of our doctor and our experts.
They can also select treatments of our a la carte list.
All the first material used in our Spa, is pure natural, without chemical elaboration or other chemicals.

Finally, we remind you that Edipsos’ thermal water, is known to everybody from the time of Aristotle, 430 b.C, for its therapeutic and revitalizing properties.According to the mythology, Hercules, recovered with the help of the thermal water, that’s why it was named “Hercules hot springs”.

Edipsos’ natural  thermal water gush from a depth of 3000 meters with a temperature of 70-80º C.Enriched with sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium-sulphureous, magnesium, calcium -hydro carbonate magnesium, iron, manganese etc – a total of all constituent elements, of 25-35gr / 1000gr. of water, carbonic acid, and oxygen- the hot springs of Edipsos and especially of spring THERMAE SYLLA contain traces of radium emanation which have a significant effect on:

• degenerative arthropathies (chronic and deforming)
• rheumatisms (chronic & ankylosed)
• spondylo –arthrosis (chronic & ankylosed)
• radiculalgia (neuralgias of nerve roots)
• lumbago
•  sciatica
• posttraumatic deformities and ankylosis
• peripheral neuritis (neuralgia & myalgia)
• tendonitis
• chronic gynaecological troubles (salpingitis, endometritis, ovarian insufficiency leucorrhoea, as well as certain types of    sterility-baths and vaginal douche), angiopathies insufficiency of the peripherical vascular system due to CO, partial baths)
• disorders of any endocrine gland (due to the revitalizing action of radium

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Kifissias Ave. 267, (Kifissia Square)
145 61, Kifissia, Attica
t: 210 62 32 106, 210 62 32 710 | f: 210 62 30 789