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1) Euro pp in double/twin room
The above-mentioned prices include:
• Return Transfers from the airport to the hotel in Athens
• Return Transfers from the port to the hotels in the islands
• Organized guided city tour in Athens with English speaking guide
• 2 overnights in Athens at the hotel you choose on a Bed& Breakfast basis
• 2 overnights in Zante at the hotel you choose on a Bed& Breakfast basis
• 2 overnights in Keffalonia at the hotel you choose on a Bed& Breakfast basis
• 2 overnights in Ithaca at the hotel you choose on a Bed& Breakfast basis
• Return Transfer from Athens to Kyllini
• Ferry tickets Kyllini-Zante-Keffalonia-Ithaca-Kyllini
• Entrance fees/ local taxes


• All transfers both in Athens & the islands are in private air-conditioned bus.
• Buses are 50-seaters
• Drinks are excluded
• In case the group arrives/departs at/from the Athens’ airport before 6 am or after 12 pm, the charge for the bus transfer will
   be affected accordingly and the itinerary will change.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Athens
Welcome to Athens!
You will be met, on arrival and transferred to your hotel in Athens. Time at leisure to discover Athens! Redolent with history and mythology, Athens is a vibrant city, enlivened by bustling outdoor cafes, pedestrian streets that wind through the city's ancient sites and its fair share of urban eccentrics, a city full of contrasts.
Day 2: Athens-Kyllini-Zante
Breakfast at the hotel and depart to Kyllini in South Greece, where we will pick the boat to Zante. Arrival to Zante and transfer to the hotel you have chosen. Zante is for sure one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. It has wild landscape, high mountains and green forests that spread to the coastline. It’s surrounded by clear blue waters and golden sand beaches. Summers in Zante are always hot and the weather usually cloudless, with the average temperature above 25°C. That makes it perfect summer destination. Zante is ideal destination for any traveler. No matter if you are there for leisure, beach life, night life, business, history or city breaks; Zante is globally famous for the amazing beaches. The crystal clear blue water of the Ionian Sea, together with the white sand and the steep cliffs, are consisting few of the nicest beaches in the world. Navagio (Shipwreck Beach) is probably the most famous of them, as the scenery is truly spectacular. However, don’t miss to visit more beaches  such as the very long Laganas beach, the Caretta Caretta turtle beach - Kalamaki, Keri in the western Zante, the popular beach in Vasilikos and of course the amazing Blue Caves close to Navagio beach. Moreover, it has great night life. In the Town of Zakynthos, as well as in most resorts of Zante, you will find many bars, taverns and pubs where you can spend your night and have fun. However, Laganas is the number one choice for British and Italian visitors. Laganas has countless night clubs, bars and restaurants which stay open 24hours and host thousands of fun seekers every night.Zante is also a great destination for those who are looking for leisure, museums, sightseeing, and relaxing holidays. Zakynthos Town and smaller resorts across the island are a great option for that kind of travelers.
Day 3: Zante Free Day
Enjoy your free day in Zante island... We recommend an optional excursion to the Shipwreck... Don’t miss it!
Day 4: Zante-Keffalonia
Breakfast in the hotel, check out and transfer to the port, where you will pick the boat to Keffalonia. This magnificent island is one of the biggest in the Ionian and seems to be the nicest and the favorite of all! What makes someone love this island is not only its historic past, that makes it special, but also the beautiful scenery, the nice beaches and the taverns just across the see where you can taste the yummiest traditional seafood you’ve ever tasted. Capital of Kefalonia is the city of Argostoli. An attractive little city with a population of around 10,000 inhabitants. Argostoli is surrounded by low green hills and is located in the middle of the bay of a natural harbor, which is one of the safest in the Mediterranean. At the edge of the bay next to Argostoli lies the lagoon of Koutavos, with lush vegetation and a forest with very tall eucalyptus trees. When coming to Kefalonia and its capital Argostoli do not miss out visiting the historic 19th century bridge of Argostoli, the so called Devosetou Bridge. It is the largest stone bridge over the sea. In the middle a four-sided obelisk in honour of its constructors, prevails. Until this day it retains its majesty and remains a visible boundary between the sea and the lagoon of Koutavos. The heart of the city is beating in "Lithostroto"; a wonderful pedestrian street in the heart of the city, which incorporates the major shopping pulse of the capital city. Here you will also find enough cafes, tavernas, restaurants and bars to relax or party after you daily shopping.
 Afterwards one can enjoy a walk in the great Rizospaston Avenue, also known as the plam road, resulting in a small park full of pine trees. Among the biggest attractions in Argostoli are the Theatre of Argostoli "O Kefalos", the Korgialenios Library which is the third richest library in Greece and the Garden of Napier whith its great variety of trees.  Don’t miss Lixouri. The area around Lixouri has many beautiful beaches. Some of them are the Platia Ammos Beach (located on the road towards Kamiranata), the Mega Lakkos Beach with a legth over 5km (south of Lixouri), the Vatsa Beach (very close to Lixouri) and the beach of Kounopetra, which is probably the most famous of them all. Kounopetra took its name from the rock that was moving rhythmically in the sea, a phenomenon which stopped after the 1953 earthquake.                                                                                   
Day 5: Keffalonia free day
Enjoy this day in Keffalonia.. We strongly recommend an optional excursion with the glass bottom boat either half or Full day with BBQ lunch/dinner on board.                                                                                         
Day 6: Keffalonia-Ithaca
Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the port to catch the boat to Ithaca. Here you'll discover the islands' rich culture and the reason why Ithaca has such a special place in the hearts of those who live here and those who have visited its shores.Ithaca remains unspoiled by the modern world and clear blue seas and lush green valleys and mountains are home to one of the most friendly communities in Greece.Ithacans make you feel at home. Ithaca has something for everyone. Great beaches, hikes, boating trips, festivals and views, traditional food, entertainment, busy bars or quiet solitude.  Even in the height of Summer you can find a secluded beach or a corner to contemplate your thoughts. Here is always something to celebrate. In the tradition of The Odyssey, Ithacans have a seafaring history and culture.  Whether it's sailing off to faraway lands looking for security, working on ships that travel the world, or fishing the Ionian, the sea is an integral part of the Ithacan core. Unlike the mainland and the islands in the Aegean, who have been influenced or impacted upon by the Turkish over the centuries, Ithaca has a greater Italian influence.  It is in their language, their food and the architecture of the island, but just like the greater part of Greece, their religious roots are Orthodox Greek.  Ithacans enjoy the ritual of church and the priests on the island enjoy the respect and reverence given to them.
 With the mild Mediterranean climate, Ithacans, like the Mainlanders, enjoy the outdoors.  They sit at their local Café drinking their local wine, Ouzo and coffee in the company of friends, a good 'Paraia'.  They love to socialize and they particularly love their food.  It's the number one topic of conversation among Ithacan women.  They also love their cigarettes and their soccer, and are as passionate about them as they are about politics and religion. Ithacans have an insatiable appetite for news and enjoy loud and impassioned conversations about topics of the day.  Colored by their expressive gesticulations, Ithacans can appear a fiery lot.                              
Day 7: Ithaca Free Day
Enjoy your free day in Ithaca.  We recommend to take a small boat and go around all the beaches which are not reachable by car, or bus.. Enjoy your day under the sun.
Day 8: Ithaca-Kyllini-Athens
Breakfast at the hotel and check out. Move on to the port, and take the ferry to Kyllini. In Kyllini you will be picked up and transferred to your hotel in Athens.  Enjoy your free afternoon in Athens.                              
Day 9: Athens Departure

Breakfast at the hotel and check out. Have a panoramic city tour in Athens and be transferred to the airport to fly back home.

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